A Rehabilitation/David and the Time Machine
exhibition view, Parallaxe, Memphis, Linz.
with Sam Bunn

Thanks to Jacob Dietrich, Kai Maier-Rothe at Memphis and Holger Jagersberger at Atelierhaus Salzamt

- A Rehabilitation by Marco Gobbi
- David and the Time Machine by Sam Bunn

A Rehabilitation.

Behind me there was a huge tree and the wind made dance all its leaves to the rhythm of his music. Suddenly
a thud, a branch had fallen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXQ4qaeR1tA&feature=youtu.be) to the
ground. The strange thing was that if I looked at the tree behind my left shoulder the branch was still
attached to the plant, but, if I looked at the plant from my right shoulder the branch was on the ground.
At the same time there were two realities and I could decide which one to choose.

David and the Time Machine.


​Two years ago there was a science fiction story about the end of the world, and in it, plants were used as a conduit by the machine intelligence, who wanted to live like we do - with a body.

​As you know, plants share some of the same DNA as us. So the computer intelligence uses the plant to grow an organic data storage system, which covers the planet. And then the dying, each in their turn, after they take their last breath, are transported into these living leaves, to live on as a complex network of memories, free from their bodies, and to help the machine feel what it is like to have felt things.