Copy with original Shadow
clay, wood, graphite, shadow, spotlight.

This is a copy of an elephnat with a man who is playing the drums, made in clay. The original belong to my family, an object that has always attractme. The work is an analysis on the object and in particoular of the tusks, the most frigile parts thath over time have broken.
I decided to make a copy as an additional step betwen me and the original and rebuild the tasks without interacting directly on the object but on its shadow.
One of the things i thought was, when you copy an object you copy also it’s shadow ?
and in this case can the shadow of the copy became the shadow of the original?
as the manifestation of a memory of what it was in the past its true shadow.
Exhition view, 030 – 2.0 Arte da Brescia, curated by Fabio Paris, Piccolo Miglio del Castello, Brescia.
detail che .jpg
making of the shadow