Portrait like a piece of Furniture by Clément Cadou
carving on wood

The desire of Clément Cadou was to become a writer, he spent his time on the books, trying to discover the secrets of the great masters of literature. His parents were proud of him and tried to facilitate it in any way, already seeing the future of his brilliant novelist said. One day the father succeeded in invite to dinner the great Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz, for Clément was the realization of a dream, at the age of fifteen he knew pretty well the work of Gombrowicz, a production that had impressed.
But the evening sitting together at the table the young Clément did not utter a word, he was so impressed to see Gombrowicz inside their apartment which ended up feeling literally a piece of furniture of the room where they supped. From that day he saw completely annihilated his aspiration as a writer, so he decided to start painting. Painting furniture and every painting had the title “Self Portrait”.
We don’t know if the story of Clément Cadou is real or purely invented and his paintings still remain impossible to find.

(series, n10 and n11) Exhition view, Il giovane sole debole, Caterina Tognon Gallery, Venezia
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(series, n2)
http://gobbimarco.com/files/gimgs/th-6_7 e 8 per sito.jpg
(series, n7 and n8)
http://gobbimarco.com/files/gimgs/th-6_copia per sito.jpg
(detail, n8)